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Game News
Welcome to the homepage of _Prodigy_
Welcome to _PRODIGY_: 
The _PRODIGY_Pros clan is a dedicated Cross Fire Clan that provides a service for gamers all around the world. Started in Dec. 1, 2011, to provide gamers the oppurtunity to play Cross Fire with a fun and supportive clan that kicks ass. 
All hail to the founding fathers Blazianballa and *Hunterangel

_Prodigy_ Clan Rules

•Must Speak English
•No Hacking,Glitching or Farming.
•Make a certain amount of clan points.
•Must keep positive k/d. (1.2 min)
•No spamming.
•No disrespecting other Crossfire Members.
**********AND MOST OF ALL~ NO CRYING~!***********
_Prodigy_ Application (ONLY FOR THE Z8GAMES WEBSITE)
Your rank must be Staff Sergeant or Higher.
Please include these in your application:
- Age
- Location
- What map you like to play most
- Kill/Death Ratio must be positive.
Your rank must be 2nd LT or higher unless Leader approves otherwise.
Please include these in your application:
- Age
- Location
- What map you like to play most
- Kill/Death Ratio must be 2.0+ unless Leader approves otherwise


Medals and Member of the Month

blazianballa, Nov 29, 11 9:17 AM.
Don't forget to update your profiles on this website with ur rank logo or any other pic you want up to represent urself. Also do a little digging aroud on your clan profile on this website. It would help us to recognize you better. Also, for your activities in the clan and this website you are awarded medals to your profile for evey action. I will post pics of the medals and a winners section for medal winners. Also, dont foget to vote for the Member of the Month for our clan on the website. Each winner of the Member of the month will recieve 5000 zp so dont forget to participate~



blazianballa, Nov 29, 11 8:24 AM.
To kick off the start of one of the best clans in Crossfire, team _Prodigy_Pros is kicking off the "Take Your Best Shot" 5000 ZP contest. The contest will start as soon as the _Prodigy_ Cross Fire clan can recruit 20 players. The objective of this contest is to post your BEST screenshot of you RAPING noobs in crossfire. Any map, any gun, anything goes. The posting area will be in the _PRODIGY_ forums section and thats where you will post your screenshots. You can take any screenshot of you having 30-0, 8 headshots, even being a low sergeant and raping a million LTs, captains etc. The winner with the BEST screenshot will be picked by the LT's and myself for evaluation and will be announced when the contest is over.HAVE FUN. an example of a crazy screenshot is posted in the forums.

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